Ohio-based comedian Ryan Chernick delights every audience he meets with his quick-paced observations and infectious energy. A passionate performer and compelling storyteller, Ryan's comedic style is grounded by personal insights and a willingness to laugh at himself. His warm personality leaves onlookers feeling like they've made a new best friend... or, perhaps, a new Secret Friend, the apt title of his debut comedy album.

Ryan can be found performing in Midwestern venues big and small, and has made his mark on stages spanning from Illinois to New York. He displays his talents as an emcee and host at the Toledo Funny Bone. He's performed with countless regional and touring comedians like Creed Bratton, Dusty Slay, BT, and Brent Terhune.

Whether it's as a guest, headliner, or emcee, Ryan is always open to new opportunities to win over a crowd... just don't ask him to participate in your office's Christmas gift exchange. He will ruin it.

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